I know there are companies who have fallen in love with our technique. Videos are all over the internet. For those companies and individuals who are doing some kind of fitness associated bungee exercise, teaching it and are new to it (all of you), I urge you to investigate it more thoroughly.

This isn’t a fad, a trend, and members of the public are incredibly trusting and believe that if someone is teaching it, that the instructor has the knowledge and experience to handle a class safely. In my opinion this is not what is generally happening across the world at present. For me this is a very worrying situation.

For me, bungee and its use, is my life’s’ work. I care about it as an important movement and fitness technique. My 18 years of research into the use of bungee feels like just the beginning, always. As a fitness session that uses bungee this involves wearing equipment on your body, connecting to equipment hanging from the ceiling, and then being able to utilize the bungee in the correct way to achieve a positive and effective workout.

I urge all of these companies who are doing it already, to please not turn a harness around and wear it the wrong way – this provides pressure in all the wrong places on arteries and nerves on the body as it is not being worn how it was intended to be.

Ensure that where you are hanging your points from, are tested points with certification to support you and what you are doing. Ensure that your equipment is regularly tested – aerial equipment and its upkeep requires a high level of care and this needs to be taken very seriously for everyone’s sake.

For those who are taking classes, check the integrity of your teachers – how long have they been using bungee? The companies who are providing instructor training – how long have they been in the business of bungee? And who endorses these certificates or qualifications they are awarding? Unless you find a reputable and recognized company behind the endorsement, the certificate is worth nothing to anyone.

I don’t believe that bungee being so young in the fitness industry should also mean that it can enter with no qualification or experience behind it, yet this is what has been happening. Just be careful and look to the future, bungee can aid and promote fitness but only when used sensibly and by people who really understand it. You may feel great now, but what about after continued use of the wrong and improper use of harnesses and bungees?

The gift of flight… to be lost for words to explain the sensation it brings, a smile says it all – that’s BUNGEE WORKOUT™!

If anyone would love to come and learn and train with us – the creators, go to our BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR page to find out more information. I could talk bungee all day long!

If you want to understand the freedom and euphoria that a bungee can bring, just fancy having a go or want to learn how to become an inspiring and sensational BUNGEE WORKOUT™ instructor, get in touch with us and call us now on: +44(0)151 372 7777

Our main training centre is in Liverpool. We are based at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), Paul McCartney’s fame school. This beautifully open and light studio houses 9 bungee stations and can accept 18 instructor training places in one weekend. If you feel that bungee is for you, if you want to try it and be prepared to lose yourself, then come up and see us or get in touch and we will contact you right back!

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