Against All Odds

I honestly can’t believe I am at the point where I am actually writing these words. There have been times over these last three years were I couldn’t see an end to this journey. And now we are here and my fingers are typing away. I am watching them and feeling truly emotional. It is like watching something you have planted as a tiny seed, grown and nurtured for a very long time, just come into bloom.


Everyone who knows me, knows I have been developing work and researching bungee for some 18 years. It has become all I can think of over this time. I feel there are so many avenues to explore with this amazing invention and 18 years is a long time, we are here right now but there is still so much to explore, enjoy and share.

I of course think of it as my baby, something that I have evolved and crafted over this time. 18 years ago there was only one other company I knew of that was working with bungee and they were based on the other side of the world from me when I was based in London.

My obsession with bungee began because I wanted to achieve higher heights than my body by itself could achieve – I had fallen in love with flying years before, while working with a truly sensational Argentine company called De La Guarda. I needed more, and I believed bungee was my ticket to flight and achieving the impossible.

I worked tirelessly to understand and work with the bungee to get the results I was searching for, concerned mainly with developing a wonderfully exciting movement language that provided flight, released endorphins and brought a smile to my face and made my heart burst – gosh, It’s good to smile and as I have said in many interviews when asked how it feels to fly – there is nothing that compares to it, there are no words that can truly explain this feeling.

Bungee Workout™ matters to me, it isn’t a business it is a way of life. I’m thrilled to have come to the point of sharing it with everyone. To have it approved as a fitness course offering REPS points (the only one of its kind), and from this point on, to raise the standard of tuition of bungee fitness techniques. I urge everyone to join us on the Instructor training course, lets form an army of incredible BUNGEE WORKOUT™ instructors and make the whole world fly!

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