Of course, we all know that use of aerial equipment does not come without its risks and most of my time in research over these years has been dedicated and running parallel to all this enjoyment; consideration to the safe and proper use of equipment and the impact this equipment can have on the body.

I believe as a director of my own performance company and an individual that has spent more time in a bungee than on the ground since 1999, I am the living proof that when using the correct equipment and methods of physical training, that bungee brings with it so much more benefits than just fun and life-changing sensations. It can bring a long term positive fitness approach, strong and supple muscles, incredible core strength and over time an ability to use the core without even realizing it.

I’m 45, my body feels always ready to go, my legs are strong and filled with the ability and inbuilt knowledge of how to lift me off the ground (even when I’m not attached to the bungee) – a great help in performing simple tasks and actions like standing up from sitting, carrying heavy bags, walking, sitting – bungee informs absolutely everything you do in everyday life. It allows you to slow down normal movements and if you want to, understand how physical actions are done – you can literally analyse your actions while bouncing and moving on the bungee (as it prolongs your movements and then reverses them too). You can then improve these actions when you are out of the studio, bringing your findings into your everyday way of doing things. When taught bungee fitness correctly, by instructors who have years of experience of using it, you can work on making physical changes within your body that will improve your life, long-term.

The key to our classes is repetition, good placement and posture and years and years of knowledge that our master trainers hold, that will allow us to teach any individual, individually within a group exercise class situation! We believe you come to us for exercise but we want you to know that we can assist in changing you for the better, for life too.

I’m currently two weeks away from having my second child. My first came with an emergency C section and I’m hoping for a natural birth this time. Whatever the outcome, I am making myself a case study of recovery where bungee workout™ is my recovery technique. I will be blogging once a week to record my physical journey and to inform me for future developments in our wonderful classes. Presently we have BUNGEE WORKOUT™ which is fitness focused and in the pipeline of course (due to popular demand) is BUNGEE DANCE WORKOUT™, BUNGEE POWER WORKOUT™, and maybe even BUNGEE RECOVERY WORKOUT™ too.

If you want to understand the freedom and euphoria that a bungee can bring, just fancy having a go or want to learn how to become an inspiring and sensational BUNGEE WORKOUT™ instructor, get in touch with us via filling in the form at the bottom of this page or call us now on: +44(0)151 372 7777

Our main training centre is in Liverpool. We are based at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), Paul McCartney’s fame school. This beautifully open and light studio houses 9 bungee stations and can accept 18 instructor training places in one weekend. If you feel that bungee is for you, if you want to try it and be prepared to lose yourself, then come up and see us or get in touch and we will contact you right back!


Would you like us to send you more details and information about how to join the BUNGEE WORKOUT™ family? If so, please fill in your details below and we will be in contact with you shortly. Go on – we dare you!

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