Bungee Workout™ on BESTFIT TV!

As seen on BESTFIT TV

 The buzz for Bungee Workout™ has started with it’s very own feature on a weekly episode of BESTFIT TV on Freesports. Taking place at our main training centre in Liverpool at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) our Bungee Instructors and Creator, Wendy were ready to go for a full on session with the bungees. Presented by the lovely Faris, he takes on the challenge of Bungee Workout™ and gets all padded up in our specially designed equipment. As he takes flight in one of our sessions he talks about the benefits of the bungee and how the resistance creates a full-body workout. Powered by our Bungee Instructors, Faris gives it what he’s got and shows us that Bungee Workout™ is a workout where you get back exactly what you put in. This episode also shows how a typical session always includes an equal dose of fun and laughter. Here at Bungee Workout™ we were so happy to have someone new like Faris come and try it out, just so everyone could see how easy it is to get on a bungee and go!

If you would like to experience the gift of flight with Bungee Workout™ and want to find out more, get in touch with us and call us on +44(0)151 372 7777

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