BUNGEE WORKOUT™ Classes in Liverpool!

BUNGEE WORKOUT™ Classes run at Lifestyles Everton Park in Liverpool!


Everton Park Sport Centre, Great Homer St, Buckingham St, Liverpool L5 5PH

£12 per class (£10 with Lifestyles Membership)

Every Thursday. Book here.

February Schedule

March Schedule – NEW TIMES and back to larger classes: 22 space each

No matter what fitness level you are, we can tailor the class to suit your abilities!

Fall in love with Bungee Workout™!

Come to our classes if:

We lead you through several set exercises that you repeat. If you want to, we can increase intensity, so you work harder.
Our expert instructors will guide you through a series of skills targeting different muscle groups while experiencing the thrill of gentle flight. We tailor the workout to each individual’s needs, making certain moves easier and gradually challenging you as you progress. The bungee provides joint support, making it an ideal choice for a comfortable and effective workout.
Experience a 360-degree dynamic workout that includes jumps, dives, handstands, one-handed press-ups, and the excitement of flight! 


To book on, you will need a Lifestyles account.
If you don’t already have one, this is how you sign up for a FREE account:

💻 Go on the Lifestyles Liverpool Homepage
👆 Click “Book”
🔽 Scroll down and click: “Sign in or create account”
✍️ Login or Sign up (you will not be charged for a membership, the account is free.)
👤 Fill out all required information and after medical history, click: “Create member”

When you’re logged in you can search for courses at Everton Park and book on!