Bungee Junkie

So, what is it that makes me ‘need’ to bounce on a Bungee? And why am I addicted to being in the air? Well, the answer is simple – I can’t get enough of the drug that gets me ‘high’ (the natural type of course; the good stuff that I was born with the ability to produce – the natural pleasure giver and excitement switch that is dopamine!)

My lack of height must have luckily been replaced with higher than normal levels of this incredible chemical as I seem to have a good stock of the stuff!  I have always been interested in researching the impact that dopamine and endorphins have on the use of bungee for fitness, as the presence of pleasure and excitement when exercising can only be a good thing, right?

I have been asking – does bungee and bouncing (and therefore BUNGEE WORKOUT™), affect everyone in the same way? Does bungee have the capability of raising or boosting people’s levels of these natural pick-me-ups? If so, then this beautiful fitness technique could well be finding its way into holistic and wellness practices as a form of health treatment really soon! 

Just as some find meditation useful and even life transforming, could  BUNGEE WORKOUT™  also bring about such changes in people? I have seen people laugh uncontrollably. I have seen larger people fear that the bungee will not provide enough support yet when it does, the elation and change in their faces almost brings me to tears. And I have seen people unhook from the bungee and immediately break down as they compute the feeling and sensation of flight that they experienced just moments before. 

Bungee taught well really is a wonderful thing. 

If you would like to try your hand on the bungee or think you quite possibly are tending towards an addiction of BUNGEE WORKOUT™ then come and make yourself an official bungee junkie. Contact us today for further information on learning, teaching or installing BUNGEE WORKOUT™.