Bungee as a Rehabilitation Apparatus

I’m 20weeks post childbirth having had an emergency C Section for the second time. (first one 8years ago). There’s no doubt with a 5 finger wide rectus diastasis and umbilical hernia plus reduced tension in my abdominal fascia, that I have a long road ahead of me before I reach recovery city. Needless to say I’ve been eager to get back in my harness to test whether my suspicions are correct…. that bungees and Bungee Workout™ can provide me with much more than a fun seeking and exhilarating way of exercising …they are also an incredible rehabilitation apparatus.

For those of us who have at times visited a physiotherapist with various issues that require us to build up strength and awareness of the correct use of our muscle groups while doing so, we are all aware of the value of ‘TheraBands’. I’m presently on blue after being stepped up from yellow (smiley high five at that- yass!). Well let’s imagine that our bungee workout bungees are the equivalent mechanism as these amazing stretchy miracle bands, and that when attached to them, that they provide exactly the same benefits to us when we use our entire body weight in various carefully crafted exercises during our BUNGEE WORKOUT™ class.

I’m a perfectionist by nature and sometimes this can be incredibly time consuming but in my physical situation right now I’m so pleased that I am and have been for as long as I can remember, when it comes to the creation of Bungee Workout™.

We launched Bungee Workout™ on 10th January and in the weeks running up to the launch I finally felt physically ready to join my highly skilled and stand out MASTER TRAINERS in the Bungee Workout™ session. It was killing me watching them and working with them from the floor.

I cannot lie, the first session was difficult for me. I know the regressions and progressions of every skill in every section of our workout but having created it, I found it hard to make myself choose the regressions in quite a few places throughout the 45 minute session. I did though. I could feel that my body needed me to ease off and work with what my weaker areas could cope with and so I did. And I did the following time too. The most amazing thing is though, that by the third session (I kid you not!), I completed the whole session without regressions and even worked into some progressions of some skills too. I know for a fact (because I was there doing it), that this improvement and ability to work more intensively, using and engaging more effectively across my abdominals, that Bungee Workout™ had made this possible. I instantly asked myself (after thanking the universe with my hands in praying position), WHY and HOW COME?

My instant ‘go to’ is always my equipment, what I am working with, the things that assist me to do what I want to do. I’ve spoken about the bungee but I feel that the harnesses that we have designed and patented (patent pending) are the reason for my success and progress here.

Our Bungee Workout™ harness has been designed specifically to provide the wearer with a winning combination of the CORRECT SUPPORT, COMFORT, ADJUSTABILITY, and our UNIQUE DESIGN feature which allows your back connection point to slide from left to right – allowing you to strengthen your core muscles and girdle support (as we call it at BUNGEE WORKOUT™), making you strong and robust and ready to approach other aspects of your life using this complete 360 strength.

Our harness is worn around the hip girdle (hugging the hip bones and protecting your very important internal organs- (I’d advise anyone to refrain from wearing harnesses the wrong way around or having a waist/hip strap worn above the hip bones as this would squeeze your internal organs and push on important veins and arteries as you try to exercise). Because the Bungee Workout™ harness is locked into position low down on your body it means you can equalise and balance your body weight above and below the harness, meaning you have more control of HOW you workout. We also offer the option of padding to the harness as everyone’s body is different – You choose to wear it your way!

I now know that Bungee Workout™ can really help heal me. I’ve experienced it’s magic and recovery spell first hand. My addiction and drive to use it grows with each day I clip on and feel my body changing and becoming stronger. It’s bounce provides me with comfort and support. There really are no limits to what my stretchy friend can do, and has done for me.

If you want to find out more about how to engage with BUNGEE WORKOUT™, please visit www.bungeeworkout.co.uk