Becoming a BUNGEE WORKOUT™ Instructor

We have our first groups of Bungee Workout™ Instructors out in the world people!!!

And so, the fitness revolution takes flight!!! Instructors are now out there planning, setting up and delivering exhilarating sessions. Go find a place to do it properly!

Bungee is relatively new to the fitness industry and therefore it can be delivered with a lack of experience and knowledge. Here at Bungee Workout™ we ensure that the thrills and benefits of Bungee Workout™ reach its full potential in a safe environment. With 18 years of experience we wanted to pass the torch on to ensure that classes are handled safely while getting people hooked and high in a totally effective, full body workout.

We’re urging people to come and experience the greatness of Bungee Workout™ Instructor Training taught by us, the people who put this technique out into the world years ago. Bungee Workout™ Instructor Training is certified and endorsed by Pd Approval and as such is recognised with 16 REPS points in the fitness industry. This qualification is a serious offer to the fitness industry, and the course covers every aspect necessary to enable instructors to deliver a truly fabulous fitness experience to your class participants. Of course we are then here for you offering support and guidance once you join our Bungee Workout™ family.

We want the world to know what it’s like to become a qualified Bungee Workout™ Instructor and understand the experience of being able to teach it and pass on the euphoric feeling of flight to the world.

Are you on the edge of your seat and wondering whether becoming a Bungee Workout™ Instructor is for you? Wondering what it’s like to teach people to bounce their way to mega fitness? Is it going to make a difference to my skill set? To grasp what it’s like, read our testimonials below from qualified instructors who attended our training courses:

 “Above & Beyond. [The session] delivered for all types of learners. Teachers were so clear, and behind us all the way!”

 “I have learnt how to teach bungee and run a safe bungee class. Also fit a bungee system…Well done on packing in so, so, so much into 2 days.”

 “[I enjoyed] learning the skills as I have never done bungee, so it helped to go through the techniques in detail… I really enjoyed all the routines and learning new skills.”

 “Loved it and found it very beneficial. It taught me a lot about the safety [involved] with Bungee Workout™.”